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  • SEMI

    Created in 1919, SEMI is a leading company within the electricity and industrial sector. Its name is synonym of tradition, experience, and future.

    In the middle of its international expansion, the company is distinguished for its adapting capacity, typical of small and medium-sized companies; its company infrastructure, characteristic of a large-sized company; and the financial support of a consolidated firm.

    SEMI, one of the main companies in the ACS Group’s Industrial Services sector, is a renowned firm with its know-how as an added value.


    SEMI works in any of this sector’s fields, providing infrastructures for air, sea, railroad, and road communications.

    Scope: railway electrification, railway signaling and communications infrastructures, air and sea traffic control infrastructures, airport civil works, and lighting and networks in tunnels and highways.

    Integrated in our company structure, our factories are conceived as a basic element given our designer and constructor nature, providing great flexibility to our works while rendering services to external clients.

    Environment protection is one of our corporate principles.

    SEMI develops activities in the field of environment. Some of them include energy efficiency project assessment and execution, drainage works and waste water treatment, and recovery of waste projects. The company offers great expertise —nationally and internationally— in the study and commissioning of these types of projects.


    The company’s performance has been required through time for the proper development of different activities within the field of non-residential building.

    As a result of this consolidated experience, SEMI currently offers a wide range of specialized services in: construction of new buildings, interior architecture, irrigation systems and water distribution networks, demolition and wrecking services, etc.


    In the communications sector, SEMI has broad experience in aerial and channeled optical fibre networks, as well as in mobile telephone networks —by radio or by fibre— with references in GSM, UMTS, LTE and GSM-R.

    SEMI develops: telecommunications networks, satellite stations, TV and radio broadcasting stations, remote control, telecontrol and SCADA systems, mimetization and designer structures, and special solutions for telecommunications networks.


    The energy sector is now facing ever increasingly pressing challenges —the need to satisfy a growing demand of energy originated by the consumption of the most prosperous countries, and the new needs of developing countries.

    SEMI offers its clients the following activities within the energy field: electric power transmission networks, electric power distribution networks, network maintenance and live working, substations in electric power networks, distributed electric power generation, renewable energies, and storage and fuel conductions.

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